About Joe Modlin Attorney


Joe Modlin is a Sacramento, California, attorney with more than two decades of experience representing personal injury clients. He particularly focuses on ensuring that the legal rights of older Americans are protected. His areas of knowledge as an attorney extend beyond estate planning and include diverse areas of elder law. In particular, Joe Modlin frequently assists clients in arranging Medicare set-aside and special-needs trusts. 

Joe Modlin served in the United States Air Force and utilized the G.I. Bill as a way of furthering his career aspirations in law. Gaining admittance to the California State Bar Association, he emphasized helping those who faced challenges in taking care of themselves in his private practice. Mr. Modlin has a commitment to serving clients through staying informed on the continued evolution of liability Medicare set-aside (LMSA) law. He stays up-to-date on recent changes regarding whether an LMSA is required. In his free time Mr. Modlin enjoys family activities with his wife and eight grandchildren.